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In the news: Our BIG step forward

We are proud to share: New Business, the largest German weekly for the media and marketing industry, issued a very comprehensive portrait of our lively new agency division: Select Life. This features not only the spectacular view from our green roof terrace but also acknowledges that it’s time for a new offering: The Evolution of Good. We invite you to learn how we believe that acting responsibly towards society and our environment is the only way to create a healthy future. And why we believe in sustainability as the empowerment economy.

The question of what luxury really is, is being answered anew by today´s consumers. It is the luxury of our times, that consumers can choose among many products - and can so select those which have a purpose - beyond mere consumption and function. With more than 25 years experience in beauty, fashion and fragrance, we understand that a “re-definition of luxury” also demands a different approach to brand building and activation.  Now, at Select Life, we focus on a new path towards the real luxury of tomorrow.

Enjoy the read!

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