We believe consumers are evolving – and brands must too. Social and ecological responsibility is becoming more and more part of our consumption choices. Brands must no longer just think about what they do but also how and why they do it.


It’s the purpose of Select Life to nurture brands as they take this next evolutionary step:
Doing well by doing good – not just for the individual customer but for all of us, today and tomorrow.

The Evolution of Good

From Profit to Positive
Responsibility is no longer profit averse, it’s actually profitable. And sustainability has proven itself again and again not as enemy but engine of innovation.
Select Life develops brand strategies beyond profit for positive growth.


From Now to Next
Reality presents us with the facts that the time for change is now. But, it’s also clear: You’re not getting anywhere without an eye to the future. Sustainability is the key driver of innovation.
Select Life activates brands for immediate results and future rewards.


From Ads to Acts
Marketing must move from disruptive self-promotion to touch-point and brand specific experiences. Points proven instead of promises broken.
Select Life creates meaningful brand interactions to inspire and be integral to consumer journeys – and people’s lives.


From Digital to Dreams
Digital is more than big data. At its best, it can connect and empower everybody everywhere.
Select Life is literally digital at heart: Pushing technology to let brands not dominate but dream – in service of us all.



Expertise in brand building and marketing is a given. An entrepreneurial spirit comes with being part of the Select Group. But for the category of understanding and techno-ecological knowledge needed to serve our clients and deliver on our purpose we’ve built a network of what we like to call brand-futurists: Specialists, scientists, professionals … authorities in their fields, helping us to jointly come to deeper insights and enrich them with foresight.


Brand BuildingTM

We at Select Life believe that life means growth. Always changing, ever learning, never stopping to challenge the status quo and search for what's next.

That’s why we see brands not so much ‘positioned’ but evolving along trajectories. Growing with and through a higher purpose. Using their actions as steps to move themselves and all of us forward. Letting their successes inspire tomorrow's visions.

We call this positive cycle of growth ‘The Evolution of Good’. Spiraling upwards and taking us all on an endlessly exciting journey into the future. Because brands that stop trying to get better will soon stop being good.

This is how the Select Life Cycle of Continuous Innovation works:


BrandingContent DevelopmentAnalyticsHCP Expertise
Strategy (Integrated)Digital productionEmail MarketingCradle-to-Cradle Network
Creative DevelopmentSocial MediaCommunity ManagementWebsite Design
Customer Insights  Brand WorkshopsInfluence ActivationsMoving Images

Client References


We service clients on a global level, with a tailor-made agency structure centric to their needs. The InterPartners Network is an international group of independent advertising and communication agencies in 22 countries with the mutual interest of global collaboration, fruitful exchange and business building. The idea behind the structure is to specifically help clients move brands across boundaries in the most efficient way. We currently engage with 12 agencies across the world to ensure high-quality global rollouts.

Welcome to
the logical magic
of doing well
by doing good

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